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  • What is Glamping?
    Glamping, or glamorous camping, is a form of camping that combines the comfort and amenities of high-end accommodation with the experience of outdoor living. Unlike traditional camping where you sleep in a tent and use basic camping equipment, Glamping offers more luxurious accommodation such as domes, safari tents, wooden cabins, yurts, teepees and transparent bubbles. Glamping usually offers comfortable beds, stylish furniture, electricity, a private bathroom with hot water, an equipped kitchen and sometimes even full hotel services, spas, swimming pools, organized activities, etc. It allows people who want to enjoy nature and the outdoors without sacrificing comfort to enjoy a more luxurious camping experience. Glamping has become increasingly popular in recent years, offering travelers an alternative between hotels and traditional camping. It allows you to get closer to nature while enjoying high-end comfort.
  • Where are you located?
    176 Chemin de l’Horizon-Boisé, Baie-Saint-Paul, Quebec, Canada G3Z 3A8
  • What types of accommodation do you offer?
    Nordika Charlevoix offers an unusual accommodation service on stilts such as Luxurious Eco Domes .
  • Is there Wi-Fi available?
    Yes, unlimited high-speed internet is accessible in each unit.
  • How can I make a reservation?
    To make a reservation, simply go to the “Reserve” section of our website.
  • Is there a minimum length of stay required?
    Yes, the minimum length of stay is two nights.
  • What are your rates ?
    Our prices are indicated in the “book” section, prices vary depending on the season.
  • Are there any discounts or special promotions?
    Our prices are indicated in the “book” section, prices vary depending on the season.
  • Can I bring my children?
    Yes, our site is ideal for the family. We offer a King bed and a double mattress on the mezzanine for children or guests.
  • Do you have availability for specific dates?
    The best way to see availability is to check the reservations calendar on our website.
  • Can I cancel or change my reservation?
    At Nordika Charlevoix, we understand that unexpected circumstances can arise and we want to work with you to find the best possible solution. Here is our cancellation policy: If you cancel six months or more before your stay, you will receive a full refund. If you cancel at least 30 days before your stay, we will refund you 100%. Unfortunately, we are unable to offer a refund for cancellations made within 30 days of your stay. If you need to change the dates of your stay, we ask that you please follow our cancellation policy. Your original reservation will be canceled accordingly. We sincerely appreciate your understanding and cooperation, and we are here to help you with any questions and/or concerns.
  • Are bedding and towels provided in the accommodation?
    Yes, bedding as well as towels and bath robes are included in your unit.
  • Is breakfast included in the stay?
    No, breakfast is not included. You will find the essentials such as: Coffee, tea, salt, pepper and olive oil.
  • What cooking facilities are available on site?
    Each unit is equipped with all kitchen essentials such as: Dishes, glasses, utensils, coffee maker, teapot, pots, pans and more.
  • Can I bring my pet?
    Unfortunately, we cannot accept pets on site.
  • Do the units come with a bathroom with a shower?
    Your unit is equipped with a private indoor bathroom with shower, sink and WC with flush toilet. We also provide towels, organic toiletries (shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, soap), and a hair dryer.
  • What outdoor activities are available nearby?
    You will find outdoor activities of all kinds such as: Alpine skiing, cross-country skiing, mountain hiking, dog sledding, golf and more.
  • How can I contact your customer service?
    You will find ways to contact our customer service through the “Contact” section of our website.
  • Is there a grocery store and pharmacies nearby?
    You will find grocery stores and pharmacies in the town of Baie-Saint-Paul, 8 km away. About 10 minutes by car.
  • When is the best time to visit your Glamping site?
    As the Charlevoix region offers different and unique activities for each season, our site is open during the four seasons of the year.
  • Do you offer group bookings or event packages?
    Yes, we offer group bookings and packages for events such as weddings, corporate retreat, yoga retreat, etc. You can contact our customer service for more details.
  • Is there parking available on site?
    Yes, you will find parking at the entrance to the site.
  • Are there any noise or music restrictions?
    We have a policy and we value and respect our customers regarding noise or music. We want the site to be a place of healing and well-being. To do this, we ask our visitors to reduce noise as much as possible and to respect the municipal law of zero tolerance after 11:00 p.m.
  • What is your policy on sustainability and environmentally friendly practices?
    We use organic cleaning and body care products. In addition, on site, you will find recycling bins and composting bins. Nordika Charlevoix is a proud member of ICI RECYCLE.
  • Do you offer spa or wellness services?
    You will find a jacuzzi for each unit, but we do not offer spa or wellness services to individuals.
  • What is the climate like in your area during different seasons?
    The Charlevoix region, located in the province of Quebec in Canada, benefits from a humid continental climate. The climatic characteristics of the region are influenced by its proximity to the St. Lawrence River and the surrounding mountains. Summers in Charlevoix are generally mild and pleasant, with average temperatures varying between 20°C and 25°C. Summer days can be sunny and hot, but the proximity to the St. Lawrence River also brings a refreshing breeze. The nights are cool, with temperatures often dropping below 10°C. Winters in Charlevoix are cold and snowy. Average temperatures in winter vary between -10°C and -20°C. The area usually receives heavy snowfall, making it a popular destination for winter sports such as downhill skiing and cross-country skiing. In spring and fall, temperatures in Charlevoix are cooler, with significant variations between days and nights. Spring is usually rainy, while autumn offers colorful landscapes thanks to falling leaves. In summary, the Charlevoix region experiences mild summers, cold and snowy winters and transitional seasons with temperature variations. It is important to prepare for the appropriate weather conditions when visiting the area.
  • Can we smoke inside the units?
    No, smoking is strictly prohibited inside the domes.
  • Are there any age restrictions for guests?
    All visitors under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult on site at all times.
  • How far is the nearest ski resort?
    You will find the famous Mount Le Massif de Charlevoix 31.4 km away, or 32 minutes by car.
  • Can I bring my own camping equipment?
    There is no need to bring your equipment as all our units are fully equipped.
  • What are the arrival and departure times?
    Arrival 4:00 p.m. and departure 11:00 a.m.
  • Are campfires allowed on site?
    No, it is prohibited by the municipality to light campfires on the grounds or in the surrounding woods.
  • Is there a restaurant on site?
    No, there is no restaurant on site. However, you will find a fully equipped kitchen there. In addition, you will find a multitude of restaurants in downtown Baie-Saint-Paul.
  • Can I bring my own food and drinks?
    Yes, absolutely! Our domes are equipped with a full kitchenette that allows you to prepare your meals.
  • What is the nearest airport or transportation options?
    Our site is located 114 km from Quebec Jean-Lesage International Airport. You can also arrive from Trudeau Montreal International Airport. By train from Montreal with Via Rail to Quebec and take the bus to Baie Saint-Paul. During the summer season, you can take the Charlevoix train from Quebec to Baie Saint-Paul. By car directly from Montreal or Quebec.
  • Do you provide guided tours or organized outdoor activities?
    No, at this time we do not offer guided tours or organized outdoor activities.
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