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The Experience

Nørdika Charlevoix

At Nørdika Charlevoix, we invite you to immerse yourself in the perfect harmony between comfort and nature, while enjoying the magnificent scenery in the serenity of our geodesic dome accommodations.


Located just an eight-minute drive from downtown Baie-Saint-Paul, in the picturesque Charlevoix region, Nørdika Charlevoix offers four-season domes with 5-star hotel comfort.


Each dome is carefully elevated, with large windows overlooking the St. Lawrence River and surrounding mountains. Your experience in the heart of this environment is enriched by this architectural feature.


All domes feature fully-equipped bathrooms, kitchenettes, wood-burning fireplaces for conviviality, and comfortable sitting areas to ensure a warm and inviting stay.


What's more, for complete relaxation, each dome has its own Jacuzzi and a large terrace.


Nørdika Charlevoix is committed to being eco-responsible and environmentally friendly, installing recycling bins, a composting system and bike storage in all its units. What's more, the site is easily accessible by car thanks to a parking lot located at the entrance to the property.

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